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Note: Due to the varied capabilities of internet-enabled devices, all features of may not be available on all devices.
Topics on this page:
How to use Where's My DART Stop?®
How to read the results
Navigation and map features

How to use Where's My DART Stop?®
Where's My DART Stop?® is a stop location tool that uses the GPS feature available with many smart phones. Where's My DART Stop?® is currently in the testing stage and is classified as a BETA project at DART. During this stage we would appreciate your feedback.

To Get Started:
If your device asks to share your location, please accept that request.

The screen will display an interactive map with a red X to show your estimated location, and blue icons to show the DART stops/stations closest to your estimated location.

  • If your estimated location (the red X) is incorrect, or you want to view the stops nearest a different point, click on a new position in the map and it will update. You may adjust the map to view a different area by clicking and dragging your cursor to bring the desired area into view.
  • Click on a blue marker for more information about that stop. Stop information is also listed below the map in a list format. The letter before a stop will correspond to the letter on the blue marker on the map.
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After clicking on a blue stop marker or stop name:
The next four buses and/or trains for a stop are listed with scheduled or, if available, estimated times of departure. Click on 'View more upcoming departures' for additional routes and times for a stop.
  • Click on the route name to view a map showing the path the bus/train will take from that stop to the end of its line. You can zoom in to street level to view more details about the route.
  • Click on the scheduled or estimated time of arrival to view more information about a specific bus or train at a stop.
Screen shot of Where's My DART Stop?® results

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Map Features Navigation and map features:
Use the links at the top of the screen to return to a previous page or use the Back button in your browser.

Use the circular N/E/S/W arrows or drag your mouse to pan on the map. Click on the map when you have reached the desired location on the map. This will redraw the map showing new results for the new location.

Click and drag the street man icon located above the Zoom Level toolbar to the map to view a street view photo of the area around a stop. Use the X in the right corner to return to the main stop locations map.

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