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Note: Due to the varied capabilities of internet-enabled devices, all features of may not be available on all devices.
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Next Scheduled Train by Station
  How to read the results
Bookmarking your results
iPhone Features
DART Rail and TRE schedule information

Next Scheduled Train for DART Rail/TRE by Station
  1. Select only one station from the drop-down menu. Click "Submit." TIP: Type the first letter of your stop to quickly move down the list
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How to read the results:
The next trains scheduled at AKARD STATION.
Depart 10:44 AM  
Depart 10:47 AM  
Depart 10:55 AM  

» The first line shows the header sign information to be found on the front/side of the train. The second line shows the next scheduled trip time. Trains are listed by time, regardless of line color or platform.

Valid until 12/05/2010
» Effective service date

Generated on 5/19/2010 10:39:52 AM
» Time and date of the inquiry

» To view next scheduled trains grouped by platform, please use the 'To view a list grouped by platform, click here' link found below the next train times on the results page.

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Feature Note:
» If you frequently use a route and stop, bookmark the results page in your browser to conveniently view the next arrival time anytime you need the information. When you pull it up again using the bookmark, it will refresh to the current information.

iPhone Features:
iPhone Screen» Save your results page to your home screen:

If you ride a certain route and board at a specific stop regularly, you can not only bookmark the final result page but you can even add the link to the Home Screen of your iPhone. Click on the plus (+) sign at the bottom of your browser window and select "Add to Home Screen". This will add an icon to your iPhone of the DART logo and the next time you pull it up will have the current information about your route. If you regularly ride more than one route, give each icon a unique name, but keep it short. "To Home" or "To Work" work well.

» Due to varying route operations, results may differ according to the time and day of the week.

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DART Rail and TRE schedules:
» Currently, there is no estimated time available for DART Rail and TRE service. Scheduled times will be shown. No maps will be shown.

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